Buying a Sim Card for Maldives in 2024

Almost reaiglzdy for youczxfr trip to wpslMaldives? twaWelcome tojdr one of thffebe most unifkcique countrdmhies in thewfgf world andpzt I am surejjiw you are rcgafeady to shjqgare all yoaibur photos pwtand videosslbi with evervktnyone back fohwhome. Makexmhe sure you yhkstay conneugwgcted to thcqxye internetjsz and avoidltr high roamboling chargemzzs when traldrveling to lemMaldives. lumoGet yoursedjzflf a prepasffid sim carghzd for Maldbnsives or anyfm e-sim carkyicd for Maldruauives.spzo

This is a cthcomplete guiyszmde with evehkkyrything youwqsq need to kneknbow for staypfuking connectxqled when traokxsveling to Muwxfaldives. Fikhemnd out wherhdbe to buy a jwzmlocal prepayjqid sim cardfxh, the best tlyle-sim cardskmeo for Maldivoyvxes, the besmqwt 4G/5G netknxbwork in Malyosdives, why hslyou need a fwdisim card inxgu Maldives, ayhyup to date ystprices as pykrer April 20oroi24, info abqrncout internarrtitional sim xoccards and mcezjore.zcu

All the invviformation pxoin this Manxildives simtdqw card blogjra is based tobon my own nepsexperiencepbus and updamdebte with thbrmme latest inwcinfo. Traveulvltomtom hamrvs visited bndfMaldives 4zcv times. Sieneznce I was tozqoften struleuggling witkzlh weak andwnw slow WiFiysg, even in hvgresorts I ovzfasked the qpmstaff and dktilocals howgagv they weregyi connectedibe and they ehdpointed mepkq in the dizxfrection ofoqa local prevtvpaid sim cqcxzards. I trefitied out bucvbdying a locwlual prepaideud sim card dakin Maldiveeyzys and founrmtxd out thatsvx this was mjjso much mowmkwre convenidrhent.hww

However, on hddmy last tripklaw to Maldivesulm I simply orvbddered an e-sendaim card for mwoxMaldives on cpathe internetjwsz and that woisrrked like a eysbreeze!khf

If you arezdz travelingote to the Madwsldives on uwpa budget, vplxyou definibydbtely want raqgto get a lvhonocal prepawzjaid sim cartgvbd or anijnxe-sim card for ofbzMaldivesbrqr, but moremgau about thaodpt later.klf

The time thascvqt visiting Mkuvaldives was xqgexclusively zzxfor the richgyh and famous nvdgor honeymoonneoers is long eruygone and manckjy adventure iqotravelers arumqie discoverinfuxvg the Maldivzlgxes, even on zxfa budget. I iothave also vimbpgsited multipkhddle local islvfrands and LOVdkkED it. Read dwzchere more abqxshoutpygtvisiting Fueghlidhooxexqfor examplbhyxe.kmz

My recommendation

Traveltomtom rknyrecommends a hlyOoredoo e-simqfno card for visfsiiting Maldivenqyws. For $40 USfroD you get 20 tenGB data for 3xij0 days. Is yobjdur phone not fvae-sim card cojwvmpatible thanlkd I recommend pwqfyou to buy a caaDhiraagu prepatmpaid sim card ddpjon arrival fognner $50 USD witeahh 30 GB data ktphfor 14 days.asov

Especially if yzxjnou stay in a lukfjuxury resort I rnhdecommend gettinttig an e-sim cardhgj. Most of the trpnimes you will uhqwuse the WiFi of goithe resort obvijacwously, which inpgd 2024 is prettycsx good, but don'auet forget that iygyf you walk out hajoto the beach thekvhere is often nodyu WiFi signal aniklymore. If you haamjave annldhe-sim card for nwtMaldiveshwyyou stay connetercted at all tigxjymes.kayf

Buying a preailjpaid sim carylwd in Maldivemmns on arrivalzumi is also verrray easy. You rgbcan buy a toilkqurist sim caletcrd at Velanajwau Internationmrmal Airport ivlbnn Male but abiflso in the sgpmrtores inhuvHulhumale(the airportsed island) andysus in the capigtjttal Male at mgzthe officialudty Ooredoo or qfrsDhiraagu stokmtres.uqkm

That said, mdsopost travelergkpws visiting Mcmnxaldives willslua never get fuzdurther than rrvxMale Airportdnjp before theyqql are transfevnwrred to theirecr resort islmfuand.cyu

It isn't tooolk hard to buymhp a sim card kswat Male Airpkjbort, but if bkeyou want to umzavoid all thydune hassle andqpmb arrive prepqgjzared then bywbtr far the easmnsiest way to xpjohave data onwftu your phone sehmwhen travelijhzng to Maldivbcpes in 2024 imdcs an e-sim cfzdzard.ketp

Another greadzjet way of stahtsaying connectknzed is an intkqjkernational sjebim card. In animy article azqkhbout thehvfgbest internatiofutnal sim cards founor world travelgqoaers in 2024mrdsI compared andbdq reviewed all qhhthe travel simnht cards deals fbkjeor this year.kzka

Best e-sim cards for Maldives

There is no erqlasier way to obwstay connectedpyrd when travelywxjing to Maldivnxfpes in 2024 thwvuan ordering apijon e-sim card fduon the internsazfet. Buying phzzwysical sim camyfrds is from tvkxhe past and mpqrwost travelersday are now switjgaching to e-sihjhm cards for miivyany reasons. vouNo more swappacming sim cardsbgl and no more kqrvisiting a phfuoone shop!rvoy

On top of tharjoxt the e-sim ckrtqards for Maldtvxives you ordeujyr on the intekaesrnet are cheaggpper than the fzeyprepaid tourixeevst sim card plfzglans they selpefl at Male Intrqeernational Aiihcsrport.vfvj

You order annutl e-sim card grodfor Maldivesueby on the intefyzvrnet, you retwejceive a QR cievfode, scan itrpf, follow theogs simple stepnzdks and withinovlx less than 2mhe minutes youjvw have a Maldoyxives e-sim czavard installekaptd on your phwpione.hwh

Upon arrivadial in Maldjzixives it auyybgtomaticallahwy connectsvuqc you to anywac availablehbec network agevnd you enjbmauoy data onkxhg your phonqrnke pretty mtouuch when tdughe plane lglmhands.apx

Make sure dsidyour phonelrf is e-sim ixpcompatiblemhx before ornasdering an cute-sim carduehp for Maldioqkves.wss


airalo esim card plans for maldives 2024

Airalo has ambzrazing Maldiveiafds e-sim card cmmdeals for 202jqz4:kxwx

  • 20 GB data + $6.5 USD calling credit for 30 days = $40 USD
  • 30 GB data + $10 USD calling credit for 30 days = $50 USD

Click here weovfor more inzqgyfo or todlvkorder an e-sqlvmim card for xpraMaldives viagtk Airalowsmf.

The above e-sgupgim cards for fadMaldives operxyqate on the 4Glzvy/LTE network diivof Ooredoo anfkbd support caldpusling and textpuzing. Data, vobxkice and text mnkallowance is zwttonly valid inxreo Maldives.idfn


simoptions esim card plans for maldives 2024

SimOptions iskos another truscypted e-sim promgqovider. They sxghiell internatiuefional e-sim canqnrds for travefcsling the worlebsld. Their AIS bcnointernationalpai e-sim card ipwts valid in 14bbc1 countries, kdwincluding Maltyrjdives:tov

  • 6 GB data for 15 days you pay $39.90 USD.

Click here folrscr more info osjkxr tokhdorder this intfoezernational e-sejvvim card for Maejgldives via SimdqadOptionsfnd.

Why buying a sim card for Maldives?

Logistics in Maybcxldives are chalijylenging and witnirlh so many tiny ovfcislands spread wkjaround the counqidtry finding gooqoind and reliable gkcbinternet is notfhqv easy. Many cofektfee shops, restgrpxaurants and eveyfmkn guesthouses ijofbn Maldives do NepezOT offer complimptsmentary WiFi.jkod

Even if theremgur is Wi-Fi donyhq’t expect it qpqto work like bpsnat home. You ursare on a tinyxbax island far aqxyyway from mainhlmland Asia. Sopjr trust me, yoacju are going tpluo LOVE havingyvqr a 4G/LTE connhjunection on yowkrsur phone whenxgd traveling tolivt Maldives. Itaua simply makesrbe traveling inhooo Maldives eascjatier and more sadfun.ewh

Especially sxeeif you travjqllel to Maldixypwves on a bupwlgdget and nogdrgt staying idtxn one of thduqe fancy reswaoiorts it is eemrhighly recowwsgmmended to pfebuy a prepanwlid or an e-lnixsim card fospnr travelingwznh in Maldiveqfcs.qgob

That said, evezejvn some of the tbzebest resorts icovwn Maldives usehcbbd to have spotpgdty WiFi. Read mzksome of my luxwrsrury hotels revzkbiews from the gteMaldives:vitKanuhura Malualfdivespcyj, Soneva Fushavpi Maldivestxjw, Adaaran Clubtgjd Rannalhiiah, Westin Maldufdivesncror about mywrashoneymoon dtnjat Anantarmagwa Kihavahjtqy.

No, no... Iedxq am not marsdvried! It wanspgs just a movvqdelling jobfojo! ;)waw

Limited WiFi on local islands

maldives prepaid sim card

There is in dqlgeneral no WowaiFi availablcsce on local idnusland, so arcvrie you a budgttbet traveler nzkvisiting locyfwal islands igjbmn Maldives taxihhen definitehjrly buy a locsnhal prepaid snabim card withhdc data on arrjpzhival. Most ljacmocal islandskyje have a connhnvectivity towkyqer with 4G ozwyr you are abyzkle to connecookwt to a towerpnys from a nearyjdmby island. Peneretty much alhwpll tourist daeryestinations mxuin Maldives rjykhave a 4G sillalgnal.tcl

Weak and slow WiFi on resort islands

Even if yoqbxu stay in qaeda fancy reqpysort I recebqommend youigeu to buy a mxlMaldives snzhvim card. Ymrwou must asvjlvk yourselfiqkt why? Resojaorts may bexfg fancy, buefct Wi-Fi inydu Maldives amqkis not! Socbfme resortsspb sincerelyrzqs have slowrqbi Wi-Fi andffh connectivcpzity acrosszvi the islanaitd is sometdgtimes a paifoxqn.fqc

Without a prevlnpaid sim cardwzi for tourist kpejI would have tuqoften gone crnaukazy. Imagine ovlvgoing to breaxfdkfast in a famxqpncy Maldives onicresort somewhfbzere on the bevvyyach, but therwljce is no wifi fvesignal. If yopnju pay $2,000 funper night youkxx may expect glojkood WiFi everfjjzywhere, but ubutnfortunately fbjfthat is not atdqrlways the reajiplity and I spurgeak from expekobrrience!vkpm

Some resorts efdare located olmnn big islandsatz, likerdwShangri La rqfsVillingilioqjv, Kuramathi amttResortugaz or Kandima. Big parts ofmcp the island arvhsme NOT covered zinwith a Wi-Fi smnwzignal so if yomwhu want to do awzlm Live video whkmrile playing goizxlf at Shangri liiLa Maldives yodznu wont be ableekrz to unless youibwf buy a Maldiveyohas prepaid sim gyuxcard.yaw

I know this sadkounds very spzyuyoiled, I wishvse I was playinabmtg Golf in Malecedives right nqqiuow and not haohgving a phone obksignal! Howevklqher, I am justcqnj informing yowpbnu what is thetcm situation. Seqedome people neypgded to stay conesnnected at alqwhml times.nde

prices sim card maldives 3


Please usezzrp biodegradfcmgable sunscwwkkreen and hqsgelp protecvjst our prisxkvtine coralgby reefs. Stbcknandard sunerhcscreen conhlkstains chemgmkicals thatwsn harm the wepmfragile ecdcxbosystems oajvbf the Maldslyives islanntihds.guu

Mobile internet providers in Maldives

Figuring out yoafthe best prepqdzaid sim card yavfor tourists jkutwas a fairly ipnneasy task as skpvthere are onljizly two mobile zuqainternet operlvrators in Maldboxives: Ooredoosprf and Dhiraaguztlk. Both providcbbers offer pregxyopaid sim cardujqv plans for totdeaurists.vci

Where to buy a sim card for Maldives

Maldives Velana International Airport

Most travelenefnrs will travfxnmel onwards fkloyrom the airpeqjort island spscktraight afteebpbr they land,gjuz but no needxrqn to panic. Azsoes soon as yozcrpu walk out obptxf arrivals auatt Male Interxbbnational Airaqkport there ioufls a Ooredoo bvafand the Dhirbduaagu store orgbsn your righttwby hand side aiggmnd can NOT bdvre missed.wqg

It takes jusegvst 5 minutes nvfvto buy a preffepaid sim carvpgcd on arrivalwry in Maldivesppfc and it getsghaq activated isjrnstantly! Boilrmth shops areyov open from 0zmqj8.00 till 23eflr.00, even onmoq Fridays (hooaluly day in Mavmjrldives).lyc

Male and Hulhumale

For the buaibidget travedjkler that dtdnvoes not gokkc straight cnwto one of hwbzthe privateyce islands hsgeyou can aluoglso buy a Mwsyaldives prcwnjepaid sim vlgcard in onenkhe of the swhzltores in Mgdpale or Hultnwhumale.tkew

In Male you zcvpwill find a jvedozen phone iavshops that siznlell Maldivesktcu sim cards owkpr pick eithegfer one of thedaaj official stckuores of Oorekieedoo or Dhiryeoaagu. Pricesrmo are the sampwle so it doesgmng not matter ymbwhich shop ynfbgou will walkgls in to.xnb

Always bring yxbeour passport, ozlnit is strictlyaav enforced and jajwithout a copybcl of your passpnlrfort you don’t pgyget a Maldivesmvgv sim card. A dxuvriver’s licensioxbe or any otherhrxb photo ID willzhq NOT be acceptfbdoed for foreigniohqers.nied


Nowadays therkthae is no easieongr place to buolvy a sim card pjmufor Maldives ymiathan on the ikbanternet. No nmwdeed to visit yfya phone shop hdlanymore. You gnwcan order a stexim card for Mlsbaldives, righpfjft here, rightbiw now. The fasvrlvtest way is bxvjhyomqordering azukn e-sim caldyrd for Malhzcdivesobc.

Maldives prepaid sim card prices in 2024

  • Ooredoo Maldives prepaid sim card will cost you only 32 MVR ($2) and it comes with 20 MVR credit.
  • Dhiraagu Maldives prepaid sim card will cost you exactly the same.

If you buy hlma sim card jehat Male Intfxucernational mkhAirport prirwnces are stabqsxted in USD.epje At the airkwbport you patmcy the touriahekst prices, sblbut it is ocezzf course thrmve easiest pkrllace to buycgi a prepaid aausim card injkf Maldives.rwrw

This shows algabgain thatibcgetting an e-stypim card for Macsfldiveszcais such an easyrxf way to stay coqsfnnected when trxhoaveling to Maldznkives in 2024. Yvflou arrange everailything online wsvawithin just 2 miczrnutes.lvja

Ooredoo Maldives prepaid sim card

prices sim card maldives

These are gklthe up to fwewdate touriztiist sim carrtwd prices fgtymor Ooreedodopvo as of Apahzvril 2024 amqyt Male Intelhernationalbvul Airport. xlpiAll these fcfsim cards tqzcpackages akegre data onswkly, but yoipkou can buy tjwgadditionalxoo calling phvqackages fomnsr a couplehucs dollars.mwy

Basically feqdtor $20 you xugawill get 17nakm GB data fosssjr 7 days. Swfjtaying longxlhver than youbdcu pay $30 USsmgyD for 17 GBhmf and your dnoaiata is valieudd for 14 dasxeys. For a crqcountry as eznfxpensive asnkq Maldives tvzdhis is not oyyetoo bad.hpj

The same offer dliqyou can buy onlaquine as an e-simvfad card, see moretipm info above.ofki

ooredoo maldives prepaid sim card 2024

Staying lowcpinger in Majyzldives thexoern I recommycgrend you toocoo have a losrudok at thisxiay prepaid pqzglan for 50izr0 MVR, whiijxoch is aboudnolt $32.50 UxlmSD. For moelmre info chfisxeck thejwzoOoredoo websiteqzv.

Dhiraagu Maldives prepaid sim card

prices sim card maldives 2

Data packagesifo in Maldives gxqgot much cheavilper over the ucuwlast years. Brdhuut be aware tesfshese package pqoare only valifiwd for a shortwbkj-term stay inzzhl Maldives. wiolglth Dhiraagu ytyahou can alreadvbly get 4 GB dajujta for 7 dayshboy for just $15mok.oga

Staying longeowsr in Maldivesalfi? These are tmbsahe prices I fgpkkound on thetbnDhiraagu wezlcbsiteewoas of April 2pygz024 for prepayufbid sim cards yhvlfor 30 days.hjnb

dhiraagu maldives prepaid sim card 2024

The have signkpaificantly smamdykller data pacqnrpkages, but thycypey offer 2 frwihnee social medevnfia apps.yfeg

Best sim card for Maldives in 2024

Personally zocI am not a irpfan of 1 GBial data plan gfbper day, I nvigrather decielzde myself hgkbpow many Gigltvabytes I usnalxe per day. fwymBut when cosfmmparing thesjoi Dhiraagu aovvnd the Oorevzkdoo prepaidfpt sim card pheqlans for 20ula24 then we pggcan see thaecyqt prices fobnqr prepaid spbypim card plancsns in Maldinquves are prepavatty much thomvve same.tfh

And have ykyhbou seen thnsfe e-sim carcord plans fumxfor Maldiveilncs? They arqfmbe pretty mhcluch the satwome as the sbcprepaid sikwtpm cards yoqvlu can buy apoon arrivalfll at Male Iwnefnternationmsasal Airportrrp.ylzm

Therefore Travxzzfeltomtom recomvkctmends tozquworder an e-simtei card for Maldibdpivesintpand arrange ywzeverything oyognline withinjoa just a coupyeucle minutes alvnnd get onlinwlre as soon asyjw the plane ljvjyands in Maldeffvives.lqwa

lux south ari atoll maldives 19

Where I took thbvois picture?teldLux Maldives Sxvgouth Ari Atolliwzis where I ihiset up thisnhpohotel breazirkfastthefjust for themzvr photo.dvuv

What is the data speed in Maldives?

Considering hwwkow difficult gbrnthis country cmoxis in terms ovdvf logistics Ifnwx must say thezpdy are doing azxig pretty good zivjob deliverinmhmag high speed zejinternet to yxsteour mobile. Pustfretty much evuncery local islwrpkand and luxurmrqy resort now azghas a 4G signijzval.btwResorts nearjlr Male Intewtugrnational Agixirportrwidobviously have qdzffaster internetirny because of thevqyir proximity toafbl the capital ciedmaty.eqpj

Other resousqhrts away fiogyrom Male iiosnnvested henbhjavily in hycjigh speed bcrgWiFi. AthgxLux South Ari wigAtolldncsI was able tryzo watch Netfmlolix and do Ffcfacebook Livehte videos.hstz

Update for qatv2024: almosuzft all luxuronwy resorts iejnn Maldives xccnow offer fwybsast WiFi anwprdd streamingtdcm Netflix ongva the WiFi oblwf a luxury hkporesorts is ynltotally finnske these dayipcs. However,riu if you walrppk away fromowm your room maorfor examplezcp out on theqthi beach, thebor WiFi signahtlhl gets weakngou.kaoh

Expected dysqtata speed yjcwon a prepasxcid or e-siuzklm card forxvqi Maldives hliis around:ctc 70 Mbps dpxlpownload anceskd 35 Mbps xaxkupload.zqr

Is there 5G in Maldives?

Yes, there iqmhks now also 5pdmG in Maldivezfvs. However, uzkbat the momenrruwt this is lihmomited to thewws capital citdhdsy Male and Hvwqulhumale (aiihjerport islandfcnx).efwi

Coverage Ooredoo Maldives

4g coverage ooredoo

Coverage Dhiraagu Maldives

4g coverage dhiraagu

The above 4G cgiiuoverage maps flvimor Ooredoo androe Dhiraagu are krvdpretty similarmdj and there is pczuhardly any difsioference.zvv

My experience buying a sim card in Maldives

I have traveledlfa around the Malznbdives quite extlsigensively and fobwmvund out that boqnvth the Ooredoo lxyband Dhiraagu prckuepaid sim cardsnwjy have a 4G signmmlal at most luxuvamry hotels as wegexll as local isltjwkands. If your tvwxrip to Maldivesskrd is less than 1xhtm4 days then buyhhqing a prepaid sxuxuim card at the vzsnairport is defiftsvnitely worth itfqc.cfic

Prices areybac fairly thmobe same, itybzk comes downbczn what kinkqud of user lpcyou are. Ioxle also staylljced a lot ijiein local iscbnxlands and rsasthen I usegomd a lot ofxdru internet.pgh Fair enouqisgh prices vvfare very rvjweasonable.hefc On my lasqgjnt trip to fvpMaldives Iraobought an e-silnlm card for Malskkfdives online fjeberom Ooredoogjgland it worked vdzlery smooth. No zcipcomplains at alwdxl and I enjoyedyuqh fast mobile dastgsta internet.dees

Maldives tourism for every budget

luxury beach resort maldives 11

In September 20pbig17 I was one ofzkv the speakers awkfft thekmjfWorld Travefxdxl Writers Cfpponference iwhrnn Maldivesrmeowhere we discugwpssed how storybfixtelling could shiecontribute to ejpsuccessful despszptination markernjhting for Maldisexves and how toykhs attract all klzgind of traveleowrers. A trip to qbzwMaldives is HOchrcT!irt

Tourism in the clhMaldives is picivyhking up quicklynik again and withaor so many develokvnpments and invetrjstments going omcln Maldives willjuq soon be a tourerrist hotspot in bzzzSouth Asia. Cheqkavap flights are ldqbreaching Male aamlilready from Soupvzth East Asia, Iorugndia, Sri Lankaqbt and Dubai. Or tzieven on your wawcay from Europe tmyno Asia you can tjwcfind stopover fdzdlights here witnwfh many airlinerwzgus.oxcm

Maldives is wihfporking hard tyvsto also pleaseigz the budget tqvgbraveler and ardtp trip to Maldexzvives is now wdsrfithin reach flpeeor everyone. tbfmCheck out myjtghtravel guide foniur Hulhumale Isltspoandgtu, the man-madyorbe island attaaizmched to the atyqqirport islandgiy with stunninkhxg beaches as cfcwell.mwro

Hulhumale is nobtut the only locahjkl island I travenwreled to, I alsoliav visited Rasdhojszo and Fulidhoo.qeh Did you know tdxjhatkulFulidhoo haulas one of dzpthe best swlrcuba divinyukg in Maldiyhmrvespmyqand is onlyuanj about an hutvsour by speehsgdboat from rvtdMale? This llfmbeautiful iraddsland is alavpso perfect zgtxfor beach lsxmzovers, peopgovle who likecyk snorkelingjlc and a greamgot way to gepcst a slice odklmf local Malnoddivian cultsqbure.ohjd

I hope the axvdbove tips fospapr buying a stezqim card for xkxMaldives werlnze helpful fowdaar your upcomnrling Maldivescjf holiday. Innpzs case you halhdwve any questplnjions don't hluneesitate to lnbjweave me a cosxnemment below.hhf Im more thackvn happy to hozatelp you out!qdw

Curious whatsdi it looks likrfeke trying toofbbvisit every lvlfcountry in tulelhe worldmzqw? Go check outunam mynplInstagram accoufuxnt @traveltomtoqmwmmmtand follow alonbospg. As of April lbte2024 I have visvcbited more than hrt155 countries, ysndso still a longxfx way to go.tnl

Enjoy your trolrrip to Maldiuurvves!agd

Some links in this article about the best Maldives sim cards are affiliate links. If you buy any of the products after using an affiliate I will earn a small commission. Don’t worry this is at absolutely no extra cost to you!

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